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Optimize the use of tools
to service business processes.

We are a young company looking for Innovation, Excellence, Customer Benefits for everything related to cost savings and process optimization through the use of technologies.

Created by consultants over 20 years experience in the market, which have been part of consulting teams most prestigious SAP Partners, including: SAP Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM and Ernst & Young. As a result, we were able to visualize models of the largest companies in the region, having to meet high standards of professional quality and justifying the added value of our services.

We want the projects in which we engage are highly exposed to the business of our clients.

We have International SAP Certifications that allow us to support our recommendations for implementing best practices in the various SAP solutions, guaranteeing a High Standard internationally.


We are specialist in: SAP Solutions Architecture, Installations, Upgrades and SAP Solutions Configuration, SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Business Objects, SAP Solution Manager for Application Life Cycle scenarios, Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Migrations, Process Consulting with proven experience in the Oil&Gas Industry, Mining and Telecommunications (Telcos).

In our projects we offer best practices and methodology support by ASAP Methodology and SAP Solution Manager Scenarios, ensuring compliance with best practices and maintaining the standard of quality in projects.


Infoaval S.R.L.

ITE Consult

Grupo LPA

Openspirit S.A.


Tebyon Consulting



Together with our Partners, we can be part of a marketing channel both locally and internationally.

We improve our delivery capacity services, like Hosting, licenses assessment, SAP Consulting, Business Consulting and Training Services.

Our Partners allow us to accelerate the access to new Markets, Technologies and Product, and improve our internal competencies


Bees2B’s Customers are our pillars of growth and optimization of the services we provide every day. Our main challenge to establish and strengthen a bond that represents long-term support to make your business more productive. In Bees2B have as main goal to understand and meet each of the Customres’s needs, offering a differentiated service, quality and value added.

The relationship with our customers is backed with the understanding, technical knowledge, experience and ongoing innovation to offer the best in each identified need.


Sap Solution Manager 7.1

Control de Cambios y de Incidentes con interface de usuario totalmente en entorno WEB.

Sap Solution Manager 7.1

Soporta las necesidades End-to-End de las Soluciones SAP y Non-SAP que tienen los Clientes

SAP Solution Manager 7.1

Optimiza sus Reportes y Monitoréo con los beneficios de Business Intelligence y Business Object

SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3

Incluye mejoras EDW como por ejemplo un modelado más sencillo, escalable y en fórma gráfica. Se habilita el acceso en Tiempo real a los datos transaccionales (Ejemplo: SAP ECC 6.0)

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0

Se integra naturalmente con SAP BW y se crea el nuevo concepto de capa semántica, cerrando el círculo entre estas herramientas y SAP HANA.

Cloud Platform

La arquitectura basada en la nube (In-Memory Cloud Platform Powered by SAP HANA) en la que potencia todas estas soluciones de Analytics (SAP BW con SAP Business Objects BI Platform), la de la suite SAP BusinessObjects EPM y por último, plataformas NO SAP integradas en la nube.

SAP BI Planning

Brinda una ventaja competitiva a su institución financiera. Integra la previsión, la elaboración de presupuestos y la planificación estratégica con procesos de medición de rentabilidad.

Tableros BI

Permite Comprender información compleja al instante mediante tableros interactivos que convierten datos sin procesar en conocimiento claro, visual y significativo. Es más sencillo el seguimiento de sus métricas con tableros personalizados, creados usando herramientas de arrastrar y soltar.

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